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Pacesetter Alpacas
Pacesetter Alpacas
Beloit, Wisconsin

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream,
not only plan but also believe.
" Anatole France


We're Dennis and Christy Pace and our suri alpaca adventure began in 1995. After purchasing 80 acres of rolling hillside, we knew that some type of livestock was in our future. We just didn't know what! We both grew up with an assortment of animals and wanted to raise something we wouldn't have to "send off to market" as we both have a tendency to get attached to any animal that happens to come our way.


       An article about suri alpacas in a local farm paper caught our attention. These animals seemed to offer all that we were looking for - an easy animal to care for, gentle on the land, and great returns on our investment. So we started researching these unique creatures, visited some farms, asked a lot of questions and finally, bought our first suri alpacas and haven't looked back since!

PS Belle's Diamond

       Along the way, there have been many unexpected joys to owning alpacas - the awe of watching the birth of a cria and the excitement of seeing it nurse for the first time; the fun of competing at a show and the pride that comes with winning a first place ribbon; learning about alpaca fiber and it's uses; and finally, the special friends that we've made along the way.

Master Lawrence       We hope you enjoy browsing through our website and seeing for yourself the quality of alpacas we have to offer. We take pride in breeding for the best all-around animal regardless of country of origin. Being a small breeder is definitely an advantage when it comes to "hands on" with our animals and making them "people friendly".

       Our alpacas are our best marketing tool. It's really hard to resist falling in love with an animal that comes up and gives you kisses upon entering their pasture. We also take the issue of "after sales support" very seriously. Since we've virtually raised our herd from crias, we care very much about the welfare of our alpacas after they are sold and want to help new owners with any questions or concerns they may have in regard to the health, care and management of these animals.

       Whether you are an established breeder or someone just starting out in your own alpaca quest, we'd love to hear from you. The invitation is always out for you to visit the beautiful "Green Bay Packer State" and meet our fabulous suri friends!

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Pacesetter Alpacas
Pacesetter Alpacas
Dennis and Christy Pace
5546 West Plymouth Church Rd.
Beloit, WI 53511

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